There are eight million people living with a skin disease in the UK. Some are manageable; others are severe enough to kill. We're here to help change that.

We believe research is the key to beating skin disease, and we've come a long way in terms of what we know about them since the charity was founded back in 1996. In that time, we've taken great strides in understanding how many of the skin diseases function and spread, as well as how this will ultimately affect our management of them. Our unwavering commitment to funding quality research means we won't stop until we've found cures for common skin problems like eczema and acne through to potential killers like skin cancer. None of our work would be possible without the help of our supporters and people who dedicate time and effort to fundraise for the charity and to raise awareness of skin disease and skin cancer.

The British Skin Foundation is a unique charity in that 100% of all donations are put towards funding vital skin research. Since the charity began, it has funded over 250 research projects across skin disease and skin cancer, totalling nearly £10 million pounds. The charity recognises skin cancer is a growing issue in the UK, and in the last ten years alone, it has funded over 30 research projects into melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer, worth nearly £2 million pounds.

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