Without the help of our supporters, we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do

It is their relentless determination that helps us fund as much research as we can into skin cancer each year. As a charity we are determined to stop it stealing people's lives, health and confidence. We know nothing can bring back a loved one, or compensate for the worry of a skin cancer diagnosis, but we've seen first-hand how fundraising can be a way to bring something positive to an experience otherwise hard to make sense of.

As one fundraiser said to me:
"If I can help other people in my situation, if further research can provide a better understanding of the disease, a better treatment plan and a better chance of survival, if I can provide that hope for just one other person, then all of my hard work will be worth it."

I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma when I was 18. Even though it was a shock to hear the word cancer at such a young age, perhaps I was lucky that I didn't really understand what it meant.

I caught it early and moved on with my life. Through my role at the British Skin Foundation where I work with other skin cancer sufferers every day, I now understand all too well how much more serious my diagnosis could have been. I naively thought there would be an array of treatment options available if I needed them, but this is an aggressive disease that we need to fight just as aggressively if we have a chance of beating it.

To hear the stories of a selection of the people, touched by skin cancer, who have helped us shape the It Takes 7 campaign, watch the video below.

Thank you for your support

Hermione Lawson
Communications Manager at the British Skin Foundation

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