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As most people will be aware my dad suddenly died earlier this year from malignant melanoma. This is the most serious form of skin cancer and one for which there are very few treatment options.
He was first diagnosed three years ago after noticing an irregular mole. He had to undergo three operations to remove this mole and his lymph nodes as the cancer had spread. After these operations he appeared fine and all regular check ups agreed with this. It was only two weeks before his death when something appeared to be seriously wrong and, after being admitted to hospital, tests confirmed the melanoma had spread extensively. However, no one expected the decline to be quite so fast and only 10 days after the second diagnosis he sadly passed away. Only two weeks before this he had been teaching.
Therefore, as a result of this a team of us are going to run the colour run in July. We decided why not raise some money and awareness in the process! Any donations big or small would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Team Donation History

Donated on 05/07/2015 by Jacqui Warbey

Donated via Just Giving - £10.00

"A worthy cause - good luck!"

Donated on 05/07/2015 by Anonymous

Donated via Just Giving - £45.00

Donated on 04/07/2015 by Annemarie Brown

Donated via Just Giving - £50.00

"Good luck Gabs. Have fun!!"

Donated on 20/06/2015 by Anonymous

Donated via Just Giving - £25.00

"Well done for doing this for such a good cause and in memory of your Dad. Love Jo, Peter and Theo xxx"

Donated on 15/06/2015 by Anonymous

Donated via Just Giving - £10.00

Donated on 25/05/2015 by Mavis and Andrew

Donated via Just Giving - £50.00

"Thanks everyone for taking the time to do this"

Donated on 25/05/2015 by Kathy, John and Calum

Donated via Just Giving - £50.00

"Good luck Gabriella. Your dad would be so proud. Xxx"

Donated on 24/05/2015 by Chris, Paul, Chloe and Charlotte xxxx

Donated via Just Giving - £20.00

"Good Luck Gabs, your Dad would be very proud . Love you lots"

Donated on 24/05/2015 by Louise Malone

Donated via Just Giving - £50.00

"Good luck and thank you for doing this in memory of Mike. "

Total: £310