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Dear Friends,

In February 2018, I was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. This was after 3 separate visits to my local GP who said 'it was nothing'. I thought it was something. I got my way with a referral and sought professional advice from an expert and subsequently had it removed and examined. It was just a random mole on my shin. The result was more shocking. It was skin cancer. I have since had an operation to remove more of the area where the melanoma was and also a lymph node biopsy to see if the cancer has spread. I am waiting for the results.

I was in full training for my 33rd Marathon before the operation but am now grounded whilst I mend. I plan to run Brighton Marathon on 15th April and the London Marathon one week later. Not sure my surgeon will be too happy about the time since operation ! However, I am going to raise money for the "It Takes 7" Campaign for the British Skin Foundation.
Every day in Britain, 7 people die from skin cancer.

100% of every £ goes towards vital research.

Every £ will take us a step closer to finding a cure.

Skin cancer can affect anyone.

Please help me to help others fight this cancer.

I will give 100% of my effort to run 26.2 miles no matter what the results of my biopsies,

With all my love Laura xx

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