Our grant awarding process ensures only the highest level of research is funded

The British Skin Foundation is seen as a vital source of funding for skin cancer research. Its robust grant awarding process ensures only the highest level of research is funded*, and it is well respected within the scientific community. With the help of some of the UK's leading dermatologists and skin cancer experts, each application is carefully reviewed by its 22 person strong committee, and the quality of each research project and the ultimate benefit of it to the patient is carefully assessed.

In 2013, the charity received close to 100 applications to fund research totalling over £5 million. It was only able to fund 17 of these, even though many more were of a quality deemed to be worth our support. With your help, It Takes 7 will allow the British Skin Foundation to fund many more research projects into skin cancer than it is currently able to. Together, this will help further our understanding of the complex disease, and take us a one step closer to finding a cure.

* The BSF is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and the charity has been reviewed by the organisation as having a highly robust grant giving process.

Dr Penny Lovat
Grants advisory committee member

Here are some of the skin cancer projects we are currently funding:

Dr Andrew Chantry

Dr Andrew Chantry, School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia
Research title: Developing a new therapeutic approach to target melanoma growth and metastasis, and, Novel therapeutics targeting the WWP2 Ubiquitin Ligase oncogene in malignant melanoma

Melanoma is a devastating form of skin cancer caused by uncontrolled growth of skin pigment cells, and is the leading cause of death from any skin disease. Once the melanoma... (see more)

Dr Robert Ellis

Dr Robert Ellis, Lovat Research group, Dermatological Sciences Laboratories, Newcastle University
Research title: Validation of WIPI-1 as a biomarker of autophagy and therapeutic target in melanoma

The focus of our research is mainly on melanoma, but also other types of skin cancer that are becoming increasingly common in the population. The money awarded to us by... (see more)

Professor D Gareth Evans

Professor D Gareth Evans, Consultant in Clinical Genetics at the Department of Genetic Medicine, St Mary's Hospital
Research title: A genetic investigation of basal cell carcinoma

Localised skin cancers called basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) are now extremely frequent in the British population due to increased sun exposure. Many more people develop multiple tumours affecting the skin... (see more)

Professor David A Greenhalgh

Professor David A Greenhalgh, Analysis of p53, p21 and PTEN mediated inhibition of malignant conversation in transgenic mouse skin carcinogenesis
Research title: Glasgow University

The incidence of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, one of the most common of human cancers, is rising steadily due to increased sun/salon exposure and whilst seldom fatal, any resulting disfigurement... (see more)

Dr Andy South

Dr Andy South, School of Medicine, University of Dundee
Research title: Targeting C20orf20 for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma therapy

Dr South's laboratory in Dundee has discovered that a new gene, C20orf20, is essential for keeping a particular type of skin cancer cell alive. This cancer, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC),... (see more)

Dr Girish Patel

Dr Girish Patel, European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, Cardiff University
Research title: Targeting CD200 signalling to overcome human basal cell carcinoma immune-evasion

The incidence of skin cancer has been likened to a tsunami tidal wave, resulting in a continuous drain on clinical resources and at present with no end in sight. Over... (see more)